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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Octavius Winslow - Thus Saith the Lord

Octavius Winslow (1808-1878) laid out the aim of Thus Saith the Lord -- also known as Words of Divine Love and Words of Divine Comfort -- in the work's preface...

"The title of this little work, it is hoped, sufficiently indicates its character and design, irrespective of any formal preface. It is intended to be a faint echo of God's words of divine love, addressed from time to time to His people, amid the varied experiences, duties, and trials of their Christian course.  Never was there a period when we had greater need to keep close to the, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD,' than the present!  The Word of God is assailed by avowed foe and by sworn friend.  Its most subtle and dangerous enemies are among its professed and sworn friends.  Infidelity, enthroned in high places, perched upon the pinnacles of the temple, robed in solemn gesture, and uttering its voice from the chair of authority and state, is striving, by its learning, eloquence, and sophistry, to shake the nation’s faith in the Divinity, Inspiration and integrity of the only BOOK that has made the nation truly great—even God’s revealed truth.  Where is our remedy? and what is our safety?  It is found only in believing no dogma, in recognising no teaching, in accepting no decision in matters of faith which come not with the Divine imprimatur of — 'Thus saith the Lord.'  To aid and secure this holy result is the earnest design of this little volume, which the author commends to the devout perusal of the sincere believer in Jesus, and commits to the condescending blessing of the Triune God."

This e-book was carefully prepared and contains an active table of contents.

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