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Sunday, March 23, 2014

A.W. Pink - Gleanings From Elisha

A.W. Pink (1886-1952) was an English-born Christian Evangelical who held pastorates in both the United States and abroad.  He was converted from Theosophy to Christianity in his early 20's.  Pink is best known for his decades-long writing ministry, and has penned several classics of Christian literature, to include The Sovereignty of God, The Satisfaction of Christ, Spiritual Growth, The Doctrine of Election and The Life of Elijah.  Pink's view of the Scripture and of doctrine was conservative and calvinistic.  He has been described as "a Puritan born out of time."

In Gleanings From Elisha, Pink evaluates Elisha's seventeen miracles, considering the circumstances, meaning and spiritual significance of each.  From Pink's opening paragraph...

"THAT WHICH OCCUPIES the central and dominant place in what the Spirit has been pleased to record of the life of Elisha is the miracles performed by and connected with him. Far more miracles were wrought by him or were granted in answer to his prayers than any other of the Old Testament prophets. In fact the narrative of his history consists of little else than a record of supernatural acts and events. Nor need this at all surprise us, though it is strange that so few seem to grasp its implication and significance. The character of Elisha’s mission and ministry was in thorough keeping with Israel’s condition at that time. The very fact that these miracles were needed indicates the state into which Israel had fallen. Idolatry had held sway for so long that the true and living God was no longer known by the nation. Here and there were individuals who believed in the Lord, but the masses were worshipers of idols. Therefore by means of drastic interpositions, by awe-inspiring displays of His power, by supernatural manifestations of His justice and mercy alike, God forced even the skeptical to recognize His existence and subscribe to His supremacy."

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