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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Install E-books On Your Device

To ensure a good install to your e-reader device, follow these steps:

1.) Download and install the free Calibre e-book management software appropriate to your operating system.

2.) During the installation, select your e-reader device (manufacturer and model).  It is not important that you enter an email for your e-reader device, as these instructions cover the typical manual installation.

3.) Download the appropriate file format for your device.  Kindle devices will use the MOBI format, while most other devices will use the EPUB format.  If you are uncertain about your device, refer to the manual for supported file formats.  If you don't own an e-reader device, select the PDF version for viewing on your desktop or laptop computer.

4.) Connect your e-reader device to your desktop computer or laptop using the data cable that came with your device.  Run Calibre, and drag and drop the e-book file (MOBI or PDF) into the main window of Calibre.  Confirm that Calibre has recognized your connected device.  With the chosen book selected in the main Calibre window, select "Send to Device" from the tool-button menu at the top of the Calibre GUI.  If you have dropped multiple e-book files into the Calibre main window, you may select them all and send them to your device simultaneously.

5.) Once the file copy is complete, disconnect your device (you may use the "eject device" function from within Calibre).  The e-books should now be accessible on your device.

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