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Monday, April 30, 2012

A.W. Pink - The Satisfaction of Christ

It took some effort, but The Calvinist Cafe' is now pleased to offer Pink's powerful treatment of the Atonement.  Elsewhere, this work is known as Studies in the Atonement or, simply, The Atonement. As we come to expect from Pink, this work is Scriptural, corrective, and edifying.  This book is one of the harder-to-find works of Pink in any hardcover format, so I'm very pleased to be able to make it available her, for FREE!

I would like to thank my friend Tom Golden, for assisting me in providing the textual corrections, using his out-of-print text as a reference.  Tom is a bookseller by trade, and he has a real talent at coming across these rarer, out-of-print books.  I just refer to him as my dealer.

Updated 03/09/2014.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A.W. Pink - Spiritual Growth

I find Spiritual Growth to be on of the most edifying works of Arthur Walkington Pink, and perhaps my favorite work by this author.  Pink admonishes at times, exhorts at others, but is always Scripturally sound.  This work calls for serious self-assessment by those on the pilgrim's way.

Updated 03/09/2014.

A.W. Pink - The Attributes of God

Here's A.W. Pink's The Attributes of God.  Another fine offering from Pink, at no cost.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

John Owen - The Mortification of Sin in Believers

The Mortification of Sin in Believers is perhaps the most popular treatise by my favorite English Puritan, Dr. John Owen.  Gird your loins when going into this one, as Dr. Owen carefully examines and exposes the secret motives of the heart, in the case of unmortified sin; he has no reservations about laying conviction where necessary and exposing the darker recesses of the soul to Scripture light.  After making the case for the killing of sin, he then lays out the Biblical remedy for accomplishing this end.  First published in 1656, this classic work has endured, and it remains in print to this day.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lloyd-Jones' Recordings Released!

Lloyd-Jones is my favorite preacher for whom there are extant recordings.  Since the passing of the good doctor, the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recording Trust has kept these recordings under tight control and released a limited few without charging a fee.  The cost of these has kept them out of the hands of many, such that the Banner of Truth 14-volume hardcover collection of the sermon series on Romans was cheaper than the purchase of the corresponding MP3 sermons.  I'm pleased to hear that the Board of the Recording Trust has made a move to make all 1600 sermons in their archive free for download; however, they will still accept donations to support their ministry.  Create a free account at the MLJ Recording Trust to acces the audio library.

A.W. Pink - Profiting From The Word

It is a shame that that any Christian writer finds cause to publish a book to remind fellow Christians that they ought to be spending their time in God's word; in so doing, the book could easily become a contradiction within itself.  Still, Pink penned this brief work, remaining consistent with the apparent goal of his book writing ministry:  to correct the course of a large portion of church membership, who were already out of the Word, and into serious doctrinal errors.

At the risk of seeming a hypocrite -- for I am drawn to books -- I feel obligated to comment upon the ceaseless production of so-called Christian literature by a handful of publishers.  Perusing a popular Christian online store, one is dizzied by the display of numerous books by numerous authors, promoting instructions for managing just about every imaginable facet of Christian life:  parenting, choosing a spouse, maintaining a Christian marriage, church government, addiction, loving God more, believer's security, obedience to God's will, finding purpose, determining God's will in your life, improving communion with God, addressing fears and uncertainties and devotion.  Add to this, a heaping of Christian fiction and some rather dubious books on near-death experiences.  With all of these books that purport to be about the Bible, sure to have an audience based upon sales and the fact that there has only been growth in their publishing, it's truly a wonder that many self-identified Christians have any time for the reading of God's Word.  In my view, this can only be the case because of the widespread avoidance of God's Word in churches today.  Why is this?  Because God's Word gives the soundest doctrine; it admonishes as it exhorts, and it challenges as well as quickens.  There have always been those who do not submit themselves to sound doctrine.  In the modern era, there is a continuing, disturbing trend among many church members to satisfy themselves with what they expect is an illuminating work, an approximation of Scripture -- a tool with which to better understand Scripture itself!  We live at a time when a popular devotional book is allowed to stand in for communion with God while reading His Word.  It's as if those caught up in this commercialization of Christian ideas would rather have any paperback token than a direct, supernatural communion with the Spirit of God while reading His book, the book that God wrote!  When these poor substitutions are preferentially relied upon, there is no spiritual sustenance to be had; moreover, there is often the insertion of doctrinal error, minus the usual means of trying doctrine (i.e., referencing God's word as the ultimate authority).  Want to grow spiritually?  If yes, then divest yourself of these distractions and read your Bible and pray; spend time alone with your Creator.

Updated 03/09/2014.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A.W. Pink - The Life of Elijah

Here's another classic work by Pink, this time on our favorite Tishbite.  I promise to get off of my Pink kick soon, now that I've posted some of the more impacting and representative works of this top Christian commentator of the 20th century.

Updated 03/09/2014.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A.W. Pink - Studies on Saving Faith

Here's another classic by Arthur Walkington Pink, in pink!  In Studies on Saving Faith, Arthur Walkington Pink tackles the subject of faith with his signature blend of Scriptural reference, gentle admonishment and strong encouragement. 

Last updated 03/09/2014.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A.W. Pink - The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross

Very good Easter reading material!  Through his analysis of The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross, Arthur Pink powerfully illustrates Christ's death for what it was:  the perfect obedience of the God-man, the fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy and God's great design throughout redemptive history, and the only worthy sacrifice that would provide for the propitiation of God's wrath and for the atonement.  Pink applies each of these lessons to the life of the believer and provides very solemn warnings to the unbeliever.  Another Pink yellow!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jonathan Edwards - A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections

Classic Jonathan Edwards.  Full description pending...

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A.W. Pink - The Sovereignty of God

The Sovereignty of God is Pink's most well-known and well-read work.  Here, Pink teaches nothing new -- though it may have seemed outrageous to some at the time it was first published.  As Pink illustrates, flowing from the fact of God's sovereignty are major implications for both the believer and the unbeliever.  For the unbeliever, the perfect righteousness of God, his unchanging character and the permanency of His decrees mean that God remains just in sentencing them, so long as they remain at enmity with Him.  For the believer, it is given to know how God can remain just and yet be justifier of them that have accepted His free gift of grace in Christ Jesus.  With a better understanding of God's sovereignty, the Christian attains a high appreciation for the fear of the Lord, the need for the atonement, the responsibilities of the believer, and the joy of salvation.  For many raised in modern churches, this book will hopefully serve to correct many of the popular misinterpretations of Scripture and the misapplications of Scripture to the Christian life.  Highly recommended!

Fonts by Mans Greback

In an effort to improve the visuals of some of the PDF ebook versions offered on the site, I have been considering the inclusion of new font sets.  Font designer Mans Greback has kindly granted me permission to use some of his very beautifully designed fonts in upcoming ebooks.  Click here to visit Mans' website and take a look at some of his amazing fonts!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A.W. Pink - A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism

A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism is actually a collection of 5 serial articles published in Pink's circulation, Studies in the Scriptures, in 1952.  Pink died later the same year, and so these arguments reflect his matured view on the subject of dispensationalism.

Octavius Winslow - Personal Declension and Revival of Religion

In Personal Declension, Octavius Winslow provides a very careful and compassionate treatment of the generally avoided topic of backsliding.  This is perhaps my favorite handling of the subject.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Archibald Alexander - Thoughts on Religious Experience

This compilation of thoughts regarding individual Christian experiences, including narratives from the lives of some very notable Christians, sets forth examples to examine the boundaries between commendable religious experience and mere enthusiasm.  As Archibald Alexander alternates between re-telling (with extensive quoting from from the selected narratives) and commentary on those experiences, he examines the Christian life in its different phases, including conversion and deathbed exercises.  He also includes a chapter on backsliding that is worth reading.  The accounts of the deathbed communications of past exemplars of the faith is inspiring. 

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J.C. Ryle - Have You Assurance?

Well, do you?  This classic and encouraging treatment of assurance is actually an excerpt from a larger and long unavailable work entitled Startling Questions.  I OCR'd Have You Assurance from a scan of an 1853 edition of Startling Questions, the only copy I could get my hands on.  Ryle prioritized message and accessibility in his writings, so even though this selection is now over 150 years old, it maintains smooth readability.  If you enjoy this, consider other works of Ryle, including Holiness and Practical Religion.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A.W. Pink - Spiritual Union and Communion

Arthur Walkington Pink (1886-1952) is perhaps one of the most under-appreciated Christian writers of the 20th century, yet those who are familiar with Pink know that he is doctrinally well-grounded and that his books do not disappoint.  Some of his books are downright arresting, and Spiritual Union and Communion is one of these.  Here, Pink treats true religion, proper worship and genuine abiding.  As we come to expect with Pink, he supports his points with abundant Scripture proofs and sound reckoning.

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Jonathan Edwards - Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God is the most famous deprecatory sermon by that splendid revivalist of the Great Awakening, Jonathan Edwards.  The cover and introductory page feature the same layout as the 18th century pamphlet.  In the sermon itself, I have retained the archaic spelling and punctuation, while providing a formatting that's easier on 21st century eyes.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Octavius Winslow - Help Heavenward

This work is a great help on the pilgrim's journey.  It's worth reading and then reading again.

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Henry Scougal - The Life of God in the Soul of Man

This treatise on the nature of real religion was very influential in the shaping of the early careers of John Wesley and George Whitefield.  It is perhaps may favorite book outside of the Bible.

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The Holy Bible (KJV 1611)

The Holy Bible in KJV, with bookmarks to every book.  This version includes the Epistle Dedicatory as well as the Translators' Preface to the Reader.

Charles Trumbull - The Life Story of C.I. Scofield

The original -- and yet the best -- biography of C.I. Scofield.  This work is hard to find in any format.

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C.I. Scofield - In Many Pulpits

You may be asking why Scofield appears on a Reformed forum. In my opinion, C.I. Scofield is often badly maligned by certain members of the Reformed community, and the most of this has been undeserved.  Unfortunately, it has become almost habitual for some to spend too much energy striking out at dispensationalism -- and Scofield is considered by them to be the main proponent of that system.  While I don't fully subscribe to Scofield's hermeneutics and don't agree with him on every point, I can say that about every extra-Biblical author that I read.  I do find this book particularly edifying, especially the sermonette entitled The Demon of Worry.  Please read and decide for yourself.  I wouldn't attempt to provide a work that I believed to be heretical or otherwise in error on a major doctrinal point.

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I'm new to blogging -- in fact, this is my first blog post -- so please bear with me.  The purpose of this blog is to provide free ebooks to indviduals for their own reading and edification.  The works posted here come from old out-of-copyright texts, and they have been arranged and compiled into e-book format by me.  I attempt to convert these into at least 3 ebook formats, including epub, mobi and pdf.  I only ask that, if you spot any typos, misspellings or other errors that you notify me so that I can make the needed corrections.

I recently purchased an ebook reader, the new Sony e-Reader (PRS-T1).  I was reluctant to try out an electronic reader, as I genuinely love books.  I was impressed with the convenience and portability of electronic books; however, I was not impressed with other features.  I quickly learned, for example, that the price of an electronic book is sometimes greater than the paperback equivalent.  I also discovered that some of the ebooks available for purchase were done cheaply and formatted poorly, so as to render them unusable and to certainly not justify the cost.  I quickly learned that I could compile my own ebooks, generally with better results than in ebooks that I had paid for from some of the Christian ebook vendors.

My goal, in providing these to the Christian community, is to offer books that I have found particularly helpful and edifying.  In many cases, these are books that I have read and re-read and will plan to read again.  Life is short, and we need time to address our responsibilities, maintain an active prayer life and study the Scriptures.  For many of us, that means that our time for elective, extra-biblical reading is limited. What I'm trying to say at this point is that I'll do my best to post only worthwhile reads.  Of course, that has much to do with my opinion about which books are "worthwhile,"; however, I'll rely upon the opinion of Christians, alive and dead, to guide my selections.  Hopefully the price of FREE will remove any disputation before it begins.  Soli Deo Gloria!