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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Constantine von Tischendorf - When Were Our Gospels Written?

Let me preface this addition to the Reformed e-book blog by stating that this is not standard fare for The Calvinist Cafe, then again, neither is a work by Scofield.  This work does not necessarily follow the theme of the e-book blog, which is, the offering of a short list of doctrinally strong, spiritually edifying books.  I'll place it here, at least for a short time, for those who find some interest in it.

Constantine von Tischendorf (1815-1874) was a German Bible scholar, a professor of Greek and of New Testament Theology at the University of Leipzig.  In addition, he was an archaeologist who sought out ancient manuscripts.  In 1844, Tischendorf located one of the oldest New Testament mansucripts, the Codex Sinaiticus (A.D. 360-375) at St. Catherine's Monastery on Mt. Sinai.  In the present work, Tischendorf recounts his discovery of the Codex Sinaiticus and makes a case for the dating and historical validity of the Gospels.

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