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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our E-book Ministry

I'm of the opinion that the Church should have access to scripturally sound, edifying Christian literature and that one need not be kept from having a modest Christian library because of cost. The ministry of TCC e-book blog involves the provision of quality Christian literature in accurate and accessible formats for FREE. Many ebooks released today, quite honestly, are hack-jobs prepared for passively earned profit (i.e., royalties from online sales). If any of you use e-readers, you've probably had the experience of purchasing a book only to find that it's riddled with errors so glaring that a chimpanzee could have corrected some of them with a one-pass editing. None of the books on TCC e-book blog were released without extensive checking of the source documents, and painstaking formatting and editing. This often involved referencing and old, out-of-print edition to ensure that certain passages were correct, that the language forms were appropriate, and to verify errors in the optical character recognition from the source text. What we should have, then, are a collection of books that exceed the quality and accuracy of many of the same titles sold by different publishers online.

That doesn't mean that these books can't be without error. If you're prone to read them, please alert me to any concern for error, no matter how small. If the concern reveals an actual error, it will be corrected, and the e-books will be updated. As a reward for your help, I'll even give you an updated version of the book, also for free! :)

If you haven't already, please join our e-book blog (using the email entry on the main page of the ebook blog and the Google connect options to the right) and direct your friends, family, fellow church members, etc. to this valuable and free resource.

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