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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A.W. Pink - The Doctrine of Sanctification

In this very edifying read by Arthur Walkington Pink, Pink examines the greatly misunderstood and often corrupted doctrine of sanctification.  He brings to the task years of study on the subject, still, with some apprehension.  As Pink writes,

"Diversive indeed have been the answers returned to the above questions. Many who were ill-qualified for such a task have undertaken to write upon this weighty and difficult theme, rushing in where wiser men feared to tread. Others have superficially examined this subject through the coloured glasses of creedal attachment. Others, without any painstaking efforts of their own, have merely echoed predecessors who they supposed gave out, the truth thereon. Though the present writer has been studying this subject off and on for upwards of twenty-five years, he has felt himself to be too immature and too unspiritual to write at length thereon; and even now, it is (he trusts) with fear and trembling he essays to do so: may it please the Holy Spirit to so guide this thoughts that he may be preserved from everything which would pervert the Truth, dishonour God, or mislead His people."

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